Psychedelic skate game Skate Story coming to PC next year

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Indie developer Sam Eng has announced Skate Story. That’s a skate game with an artful psychedelic style and music to match. Players take on the role of a demon composed of “glass and pain” who must skate from the underworld to reach the moon.

skate story stands out for its psychedelic graphic style and soundtrack. The music comes from Blood Cultures, a New York artist. In the devil’s game, players are given a skateboard and the task to skate to the moon. To get there, players must first pass through the ‘nine layers’ of the underworld.

By skating fast it is possible to destroy other demons and free tormented spirits. Players can upgrade their skateboard and learn more than 70 tricks ‘by selling their soul’, according to the description on Steam

The game is created by independent developer Sam Eng and published by Devolver Digital. The game should be released sometime in 2023, but when is not yet known. For now, only a PC version has been announced.

More indie games in Devolver Direct 2022

Skate Story was announced at Devolver Direct 2022, with the subtitle ‘Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing’. In that 25-minute show from publisher Devolver Digital, several indie games were humorously announced. The publisher is known for making fun of the game industry in its shows.

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