Prusa delivers large 3d printer Prusa XL next year from 2099 euros

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Prusa has announced its largest 3D printer to date. The Original Prusa XL is based on the CoreXY system and will include a new generation extruder. The Prusa XL will cost 2099 euros and will be delivered in the second or third quarter of 2022.

The Original Prusa XL has a print volume of 36x36x36cm, making it significantly larger than the Prusa MK3S+ and Mini+, which have respective print volumes of 25x21x21cm and 18x18x18cm. According to the company, the Prusa XL is large enough to print out cosplay helmets, for example. For example, in a video the manufacturer shows how the Prusa XL prints a helmet from The Mandalorian.

Because of the extra size, the company says it has opted for the CoreXY system. During printing, the print head is moved only in the horizontal x and y axes, while the print surface is moved in the vertical z axis. That should ensure less vibrations. This also makes it possible to install up to five individual printheads on the Prusa XL, which will be available separately as optional upgrades. If users install the optional tool changer mechanism, they can easily switch between two tool heads. Three to five tools require users to add an expansion card to the Prusa XL.

The Prusa XL next to the MK3S+ and Mini+

The Prusa XL also gets a new direct-drive extruder, which the company calls the Nextruder. According to the company, the extruder uses its own load-cell sensor, which is integrated into the heatsink. This sensor should make it possible to perform a precise height calculation for an ‘always perfect first print layer’, the company claims. The load cell sensor can also detect blockages in the nozzle and pause the print if necessary.

Furthermore, the print bed can be heated in sixteen individual sectors of 9x9cm, so that only the surface used is heated, which should be more energy-efficient. This should also prevent the print surface from bending due to the heat. The 3d printer also gets power-loss recovery, allowing the XL to resume a print from the correct position after a power outage.

Prusa says that the new XL printer will be delivered from the second or third quarter of 2022. A version with a single printhead will cost 2099 euros, including VAT. A variant with two printheads should cost 2599 euros and a version with five printheads would be priced at 3699 euros. These concern DIY kits. Pre-assembled Prusa XL printers receive an additional cost of 500 euros. The printers can now be pre-ordered for a deposit of 199 euros.

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