Streamlabs removes OBS name for streaming software after OBS Studio complaints

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Live streaming software Streamlabs OBS is going to remove the ‘OBS’ part from its name. According to the live streaming platform OBS Studio, the two platforms are confused because of the name. After much criticism from streamers, among others, Streamlabs decided to take the plunge.

Streamlabs would OBS Studio asked in advance whether the company could use the OBS name. Despite the fact that OBS Studio has not given permission for this, Streamlabs has nevertheless added the abbreviation for ‘Open Broadcaster Software’ to its name. As a result, many companies and users think that both applications are the same, according to OBS Studio. The platform says it tried to reach an agreement with Streamlabs, but “they were just unhelpful.”

OBS Studio admits Streamlabs is legally within its rights, but says the company has “ignored the spirit of open source and of giving back.” Multiple streamers tweeted on Wednesday that they are behind OBS Studio. Among other well-known streamers pokimane and Hasanabic threatened to stop using Streamlab’s OBS if it didn’t fix the problem. Company tweeted a few hours later to take ‘immediate’ action to change the name.

OBS Studio is free open source software that provides users with various tools to stream with. For example, with the program they can record their computer screen and broadcast it live. Streamlabs OBS is based on a fork of that program, but has not been authorized to do so. Streamlabs has the same features as OBS Studio, but has a less complicated interface. It also has a subscription service that gives streamers more options. This service includes ready-to-use stream overlays and the ability to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

On Tuesday, Streamlabs was accused of plagiarism by another company, Lightstream. Streamlabs had unveiled its cloud streaming software Streamlabs Studios that day, which allows users to record live console gameplay without a capture card or PC. Lightstream did more or less the same before that. lightstream says that Streamlabs Studios’ website is also very similar to its own. For example, much of the text was one-to-one. Streamlabs claims that this was a bug and just filler text that shouldn’t go online. The company says it has amended the text.

Streamlabs OBS

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