Preliminary lineup of Meteor Lake laptop CPUs appears online

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Youtuber Moore’s Law Is Dead has published a preliminary lineup of Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs. According to this line-up, the top model of laptop CPUs will be an i9 with 14 cores. Above it appears a Raptor Lake Refresh CPU with 24 cores.

The preliminary lineup shows five power columns for the Meteor Lake CPUs, from 7 to 45W. A sixth column shows 55W CPUs, but these are Raptor Lake Refresh models. The Meteor Lake CPUs have 5 to 14 cores, of which 4 or 8 are efficiency cores. The laptop CPUs will have a maximum of 6 Power cores. The Raptor Lake Refresh models will have 14 to 24 cores.

The Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh models differ not only in core number, but also in GPU. While the Refresh models retain the GPU architecture of the previous generation with up to 32 execution units, the Meteor Lake GPUs get Xe cores based on the Alchemist GPUs. According to the YouTuber’s sources, these are new Xe-LPG cores, where LPG stands for Low-Power Graphics. The Meteor Lake CPUs will have 3 to 8 Xe-LPG cores, which can accommodate 33 percent more EUs. The Meteor Lake CPUs will therefore receive 48 to 128 EUs. The Meteor Lake processors will be released later this year.

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