Police confiscate fake batteries and earphones in anti-counterfeiting campaign in Beverwijk

The police investigated twenty-five telecom shops on a business park in Beverwijk and seized, among other things, counterfeit earplugs and telephone batteries. It is the second time in a year that the police have found counterfeit telephone accessories on the premises.

The search of the telephone shops was part of a ‘large-scale action’ against the trade in counterfeit branded goods, according to the police. Police seized thousands of counterfeit items, including phone earplugs and batteries. Counter-counterfeiting organization React assisted the police in detecting the fake products. The Midi Center business park, where the searches took place, was closed by the police on Thursday.

The police write that various telecom companies in the Midi Center knowingly or unknowingly provide services to four suspected telecom companies. The Public Prosecution Service suspects that the suspected telecom companies, among other things, launder money and commit forgery. According to the police, the money ‘often’ ends up abroad. On August 27, 2019, the Public Prosecution Service started an investigation into the mala fide practices of the telecom shops.

Shortly afterwards, on September 12, an action day was held at the business complex by, among others, the local police, the National Criminal Investigation Department and the tax authorities. That day was also aimed at rogue telecom shops. Then money and counterfeit products, including telephone accessories, were seized.

The police wrote on Twitter at the time that there are fifty shops on the business park, of which forty are active in the telecom sector. A National Unit spokesperson told Noordhollands Dagblad last year that the investigation was started because there was remarkably little activity at the stores.

Counterfeit phone batteries can be dangerous as they may not meet international standards and guidelines. As a result, these batteries could, for example, explode more quickly or catch fire. The quality of earplugs can also deviate from the brand product.