Pokémon Unite studio to develop Monster Hunter game for mobile

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TiMi Studio Group is going to develop a Monster Hunter title. It is a game for mobile in the Monster Hunter universe of Capcom, otherwise few details are known. We don’t know yet when the game should be released.

Capcom is responsible for games from the Monster Hunter franchise, but announces teaming up with TiMi Studio Group for the new game. The studio falls under the parent company Tencent and we know from games such as Pokémon Unite and Call of Duty: Mobile. The studio is also responsible for the game Honor of Kings, which is a big hit in China.

Furthermore, the two companies are not disclosing much about the upcoming game. The only thing the developers want to say at this point is that it will be a game where players will “hunt as is typical of the Monster Hunter series and offer players a new experience made for mobile devices”.

The Monster Hunter games are known for the large monsters that players have to hunt. The franchise now has more than fifty titles and has sold more than 88 million copies. This makes it one of Capcom’s most popular franchises.

In Monster Hunter: World, players hunt big monsters

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