PlayStation VR game Iron Man VR will be released on July 3

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be released on July 3. The game for Sony’s PlayStation VR has been postponed several times, but now has another release date. The game was announced last March, when the game had been underway for two years.

Iron Man VR was scheduled for release in February, but that was postponed to May 15. This was also postponed due to the corona crisis and the publication date has now been set at the beginning of July. Sony will announce more about the game in the coming weeks.

In the PlayStation VR game, players will have the opportunity to crawl into inventor Tony Stark’s armor and fly through the air as a superhero and battle enemies. The game requires the PSVR headset and two Move controllers are also required.

The game was developed by Camouflay, in collaboration with Sony and Marvel. At the presentation at the end of March 2019, Sony said that the game has already been worked on for two years. It would be a full-fledged game, not a short ‘VR experience’.