New interface for Google Earth is available

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The Google Earth interface has been updated. The new view can be seen in the apps for Android, iOS and browsers. The innovations are both visual and functional. For example, the search function shows recommendations.

Google will show the new interface on Earth’s support website. In images, the old interface is shown to the left of the new one. When opening the app or website, users are also shown an overview of the innovations and improvements.

The search function already shows recommendations without users entering a search term. Certain places with, for example, a beautiful view are highlighted on the search page. In the new version it is also possible to search in data layers, or to search for virtual tours.

The changes to the Google Earth interface have been made on the server-side. As a result, the innovations are now visible to all users of the apps and website. The apps are probably recently prepared for this with an update.

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