PlayStation 5 supports 1440p resolution

Sony will release a new system update worldwide on Wednesday that will enable the display of a 1440p resolution via HDMI on the PlayStation 5 console. This option has been available on Xbox Series consoles from the start, but has been missing from PS5 until now.

The ability to display 1440p resolutions comes in addition to existing support for 1080p and 2160p. Sony reports that a 1440p output requires a television or monitor that supports 1440p/60Hz or 1440p/60Hz and 120Hz, and results may vary depending on the specific game being played at this resolution.

There is a limitation if 1440p is chosen: variable refresh rate is then not possible. Vrr is part of the HDMI standard and allows the connected screen to dynamically adjust its refresh rate to the output of the GPU. This variable refresh rate is therefore only possible at 1080p and 2160p.