PlayStation 3 and Vita updates add mandatory PSN two-step verification

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Sony quietly rolled out firmware updates for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on Tuesday. After installing the update, users will only be able to sign in to the PlayStation Network via two-step verification.

With the PlayStation 3 is it firmware version 4.89 and with the PS Vita to version 3.74. about The patches remove the ability to create a PSN account on the consoles themselves. This now has to be done via smartphone or PC. After that, the user can only log in to the PlayStation Network via two-step verification. This also applies to existing PSN accounts created via a PS3 or PS Vita, writing Planete Vita and several Resetera Users. Authentication also requires users to enter their device PIN or password.

The PlayStation 3 was released in Europe on March 23, 2007. Since 2017, no new copies of the consoles have been made. The PlayStation Vita was released in Europe on February 22, 2012, and has been out of production since 2019.

Update, 10.34: Added links to pages about the firmware updates.

Firmware update PS Vita 3.74. Source: Planete Vita

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