Sony no longer seems to mention when exactly PS Plus games will disappear

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Sony no longer seems to mention when exactly a game will disappear for PS Plus Premium or Extra subscribers. It still states that a game will be unavailable “soon”, but there is no longer an exact date on the game pages.

It would concern games that are offered in the catalog of hundreds of games to customers of the PS Plus Premium and Plus Extra subscription, so notes Push Square after a tweet from twitter PS Play. In principle, these games are unlimitedly accessible to purchasers of the relevant subscriptions, until Sony removes the games from the game library. This happens, for example, when a license deal with a publisher expires. These titles can then temporarily be found under the Last Chance to Play tab, where previously an exact date was indicated on which the relevant games would disappear. Now customers don’t know how long they have this last chance.

For now, it’s not clear if this is a permanent change to the PS Plus application on PlayStation 4 and 5 or if it’s a temporary bug. Sony has so far not officially disclosed anything about the lack of a disappearance date. Also in monthly PlayStation Blog posts, Sony does not mention when a game will disappear from the Plus service again.

The renewed subscription system of PS Plus allows customers of the two more expensive subscriptions Plus Premium and Plus Extra to download and play more than four hundred games. The cheaper entry-level Essential plan does not offer this option. Incidentally, the monthly free games, previously part of the then PS Plus, remain with a customer if he has claimed the game and as long as he continues to purchase a PS Plus subscription.

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