Photos show unannounced Lumia camera phone from Microsoft

Photos have emerged of a still unannounced Lumia smartphone that has a large camera. The model looks similar to the already released Lumia 1020, but has a larger screen at 5 “.

Pictures of the Lumia, with model number RM-1052, have appeared on Chinese Ebay competitor Taobao. One of the images shows that it is a prototype, but it is unclear how it came into the hands of the seller. The photos show that the smartphone will probably be marketed as a camera smartphone. The housing has a large camera, comparable to the Lumia 1020. Specifications of the sensor and lens used are not yet clear.

Furthermore, the model shown would have a 5″ screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It has Windows Phone 8.1 installed and 2GB of RAM is built in. The housing appears to be made of aluminum. It is unknown which processor is used.

The seller asks an amount of just over 200 euros for the prototype. However, it is not clear when Microsoft wants to announce the device.