Pebble reaches record $20 million for smartwatch

Pebble has raised $ 20,338,986 for the Pebble Time smartwatch with its fundraiser on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Pebble has thus obtained a new Kickstarter record

The Pebble Time was unexpectedly announced on Kickstarter in late February. In just over fifteen minutes, the goal of $500,000, approximately 440,000 euros, was achieved. After one month, the amount raised has risen to $20,338,986, making the Pebble Time the most successful fundraiser ever on Kickstarter. A total of 78,471 people have made an investment in the smartwatch.

The long-time record holder on Kickstarter was in the hands of the Coolest Cooler, a cooler with an integrated music system. This project managed to raise 13.2 million dollars, more than 12 million euros, on the crowdfunding site.

Pebble wants to ship the first batch of 30,000 smartwatches in May to interested parties who have registered for the smartwatch. Once all smartwatches have been delivered to Kickstarter users, the watch will also be available in stores. The suggested retail price in the US is USD 199, approximately EUR 183. A metal version will also be released. This will have a suggested retail price of USD 299, or EUR 275.

The Pebble Time features a color screen based on e-paper technology. The display can show 64 colors. The Pebble Time is also thinner than its predecessor.