Software Update: OpenELEC 5.0.7

Version 5.0.7 of the Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center has been released. This Linux distribution is based on Kodi and can turn a computer into a full-fledged htpc. OpenELEC is easy to install, maintain and use, as well as being small and lightning fast. Version 5.0 includes a switch to Kodi 14, a newer version of the Linux kernel is used and OpenSSL has been replaced by LibreSSL. The following changes and improvements have also been made in this release:

Updated core Components (summary) since OpenELEC 5.0.6

  • update to bcm2835-bootloader-ffda51e
  • update to bcm2835-driver-ffda51e
  • update to linux-3.18.10 for RPi2
  • update to gdb-7.9
  • update to kodi-14-7cc53a9
  • update to nano-2.4.0
  • update to wireless-regdb-2015.03.13
  • update to kodi-addon-xvdr-39d66cd
  • update to libdrm-2.4.60
  • update to libva-intel-driver-1.5.1
  • update to libva-1.5.1
  • update to libXfont-1.5.1
  • update to openssh-6.8p1
  • update to libvdpau-1.1
  • update to vdpauinfo-1.0
  • update to libevdev-1.4
  • update to glib-2.42.2
  • update to dbus-glib-0.104
  • update to wpa_supplicant-2.4
  • update to libaacs-0.8.1
  • update to libevdev-1.3.2
  • update to libXxf86vm-1.1.4
  • update to randrproto-1.4.1
  • update to font-util-1.3.1
  • update to libX11-1.6.3
  • update to kodi-pvr-addons-4854fbe
  • projects/RPi*/patches/kodi: update RPi support patches
  • projects/imx6/patches/kodi: update imx6 patches
  • projects/imx6/patches/kodi: IMX – implement render capture (wolfgar)
  • projects/imx6/patches/linux: Add 352Mhz patch
  • add new package ‘gpu-viv-g2d’
  • libva-driver-intel: VPP: Make sure the store buffer is allocated
  • linux-imx6: update to latest stable/linux-3.14.y – Linux 3.14.36
  • projects/imx6/linux: include some firmwares
  • libva-intel-driver: Fix Advanced deinterlacing on IVB SNB BYT
  • projects/Generic: Add rtl8180 kernel driver
  • Use neon-vfpv4 fpu on RPi2
  • Intel: Fix EDID overriding (makes audio work)
  • linux-imx6: fix m88ds3103 in the TT CT2 patch (DVBSky S960 & PCTV 461e)

For a full changelog on what’s new, follow this link

Version number 5.0.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website OpenELEC
File size


License type GPL