Pearl Abyss Showcases Gameplay From Pokémon-Like Open World Game DokeV

Developer Pearl Abyss has shown gameplay footage of DokeV. This is a Pokémon-like open world game, in which players have to collect monsters. Those monsters are called Dokebi. The game was previously advertised as an MMO, but it isn’t anymore.

In the world of DokeV, people and the so-called Dokebi live side by side, according to a description of the game. Gameplay was shown for the first time during gamescom. The game world and the monsters have a colorful and playful appearance and based on the images shown, the battles take place in real time.

According to one description, the world of DokeV is full of intriguing stories and the Dokebi are “whimsical creatures who encourage and draw strength from people’s dreams.” The game is made by Pearl Abyss. That is the South Korean publisher and developer best known for Black Desert Online. That mmorpg has been around since 2015 and has tens of millions of players.

DokeV was also previously announced as an mmo, but the development has gone in a different direction and it now becomes an open world action adventure game that revolves around collecting critters. When the game will be released and for which platforms has not yet been announced.