Password manager 1Password releases Linux version

Password manager 1Password comes with a version for Linux. The desktop version of 1Password will be available to Linux users starting Tuesday. In addition, the Linux version has a number of features that are not yet available on other operating systems.

1Password announces the Linux version on its blog on Tuesday. Until now, 1Password users on Linux had to use a browser extension to access their passwords, but from now on this can also be done with a separate Linux app, just like on other operating systems.

The Linux version of 1Password directly supports basic functions such as auto-fill in browser passwords, support for Gnome keyring and KDE wallet, and auto-select dark mode if your GTK theme is set to this.

In addition, the password manager on Linux has a number of unique functions that, according to the developer, are not yet in the versions on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Including adding attachments, improved options for archiving items and a new search function. In addition, the app has also been given a new design, but it is not yet clear whether this design will also come to other versions of 1Password.

1Password supports at least the following Linux distributions and app stores: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Arch Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Snap Store.