Rumor: MacBook Pro gets Apple-soc with 10 cores, up to 32 GPU cores and 64GB ram

Apple will release new MacBook Pro models in the summer, according to Bloomberg sources. They would be equipped with their own socs with ten CPU cores, 16 or 32 GPU cores and up to 64GB of ram. Next year, the Mac Pro would appear with 20 or 40 cores.

According to Bloomberg, MacBook Pro 14 “and 16” models will be coming with Apple socs in the summer. A new MacBook Air and new MacBook Pro 13 would follow at the end of this year.

The MacBook Pro 14 “and 16” would get Apple chips with ten CPU cores. It would be eight powerful cores and two efficient cores. That differs from the configuration of the M1-soc, which has four powerful and equally efficient cores. The GPU would be up to four times more powerful with 16 or 32 cores, and 64GB can accommodate four times as much RAM in the laptops. The chips are codenamed Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die.

Furthermore, the new Apple chip has an improved one neural engine and support for four Thunderbolt connections instead of two. According to Gurman’s sources, there may also be a more powerful version of the Mac mini this year, with the same socs as in the new MacBook Pro models. The small computer would also get four Thunderbolt connections.

At the end of this year, a higher-positioned version of the MacBook Air would appear, containing a successor to the M1-soc. That chip code-named States has the same number of cores, but with a higher clock speed. The number of GPU cores would also go up to 9 or 10. The MacBook Pro 13 “would also get that new chip.

Mac Pro with 20 or 40 cores next year

Next year, a new Mac Pro desktop is planned, with a choice of two processors. Those chips would have 20 and 40 cores and be provided with the codenames Jade 2C-Die and Jace 4C-Die. These variants have 16 and 32 powerful cores respectively, supplemented with 4 and 8 efficient cores and GPUs with 64 and 128 cores.

The new Mac Pro has been in development for several months and will look like a smaller variant of the current 2019 model, Gurman claims. Apple would also be working on a larger iMac with its own chip, but development would have been temporarily halted to focus on the release of the new 24 “iMac, which will be released this month.

By early 2022, Apple would like to have all Intel parts replaced with homemade variants. Currently, Apple is still using a USB Retimer in its Macs with M1-soc, Bloomberg notes. Apple already announced in 2020 that it wanted to complete the transition to its own chips in two years.

Apple chips M1 Jade C-Chop Jade C-Die Jade 2C-Die Jade 4C-Die
Powerful cores 4 8 8 16 32
Economical cores 4 2 2 4 8
GPU cores 7 or 8 16 or 32 16 or 32 64 or 128 64 or 128
Ram 16GB Up to 64GB Up to 64GB Nnb Nnb
Used in Mac mini
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro 13 “
Mac mini?
MacBook Pro 14 ”
MacBook Pro 16 “
Mac mini?
MacBook Pro 14 ”
MacBook Pro 16 “
Mac Pro Mac Pro