OSA Electronics releases 32-bit dac module for Raspberry Pi

OSA Electronics is going to release the DACBerry 400, a 32-bit dac module with which one can add an audio connection to the Raspberry Pi 400. The DACBerry can be connected to the GPIO header of 40 pins.

This Raspberry Pi expansion board allows an audio jack to be added to the hardware platform without costing any of the USB slots, as would be the case with a USB audio dongle. This is reported by the French site Minimachines. The Raspberry Pi 4 SBC still had an audio connection, but this has been removed in the 400 version. This extra board supports both audio-in and -out, so that, for example, a microphone can also be connected. The DACberry is currently being sold for twenty euros.

The DACBerry includes a 3.5mm audio jack with a dac signal-to-noise ratio of 102db and an adc-snr of 92db. The device has dimensions of 77x20x15mm and weighs 30 grams. According to the Spanish maker, the board is compatible with the audio programs OSMC, RuneAudio, Volumio, Moode, among others. PiCorePlayer, PiMusicBox and OpenELEC. According to the manufacturer, the integrated DSP can be used to create 3D effects, including equalization and de-emphase. The manufacturer promises to deliver ‘crisp’ audio quality when the board is connected to a set of speakers, an audio amplifier or headphones.