Opel will only make electric cars for the EU from 2028 and comes with Manta-e

From 2028, the German car manufacturer will only produce fully electric models for the European market. Four years earlier, it wants to offer an electrified version of each model. The company will also return the Manta name as an electric car.

The company doesn’t provide much information about exactly what that electric future will look like. It is clear that both hydrogen-electric and battery-electric cars will be involved. For example, Opel is working on hydrogen delivery vans. The majority of passenger cars will likely be battery-electric, with Opel likely using the four platforms parent company Stellantis announced on Thursday.

In the message, Opel only talks about the electric ambitions in Europe; so it is not clear what the plans are for other existing markets. Opel does say it is preparing a return to China, where the manufacturer only wants to sell electric cars. Opel will provide details about this return later.

At another time, the company also wants to make more known about the Opel Manta-e. Judging by the shared concept image, it will be an electric crossover with four to five doors. This electric Manta should appear around 2025.

Opel announced the new electrification plans at the EV-Day of parent company Stellantis. The parent company wants to be able to make two million electric cars annually and is working on EV platforms with ranges of up to 500 to 800 kilometers. Stellantis also announced that Alfa Romeo will have a new slogan: “From 2024, Alfa Becomes Alfa e-Romeo”. According to Quattroruote, Stellantis means that Alfa Romeo will sell its first fully electric car in 2024.