OnePlus will equip 6 and 6T smartphones with Android 11

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The OnePlus 6 and 6T will receive an upgrade to Android 11 at a later date, the manufacturer has announced. When exactly that will be is not yet clear. There will be no upgrade for the 5T and older models.

The OnePlus 6 and 6T came out with Android 8.1 and 9 and have since been upgraded to Android 10; it is now the oldest models of the manufacturer that get Android 11, according to a forum post from OnePlus. With that, the 2017 5 and 5T will no longer receive upgrades. Those phones were still upgraded to Android 10 this year.

The OnePlus 8 has already been upgraded, but the manufacturer ran into a problem with decryption with the OnePlus 7 generation; that seems resolved now. There will also be a beta for the OnePlus Nord, which appeared in the summer last year. The Nord N10 and N100 will get the upgrade later. For those phones, it’s the only upgrade; the N10 and N100 will no longer receive new Android versions after that.

With this, OnePlus seems to support a maximum of two or three new Android versions. The 5T got two new Android versions, the 5 got three. Version upgrades are just one of the ways to keep Android phones up to date. The manufacturer may also continue to release security updates on older versions. In addition, Google occasionally distributes Google Play System updates, the Google Play Services framework often gets an update and manufacturers often update apps separately from system updates.

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