OnePlus confirms arrival OnePlus 6 With Snapdragon 845 and 256GB storage space

OnePlus will provide its next smartphone with a Snapdragon 845-soc and 256GB storage space. The device is called OnePlus 6, as expected. The manufacturer has confirmed these specs and the name itself.

Notch on the screen of OnePlus 6

OnePlus has started a teaser campaign on Twitter for the announcement of the new device. A date on which the OnePlus 6 is introduced is not yet known. Pete Lau, founder and director of the manufacturer, says in a forum topic that the device will receive a Snapdragon 845-soc and will have 256GB storage space. What type of flash memory is used, Lau does not yet announce. The director emphasizes, however, that the phone must be in use very quickly.

Last week, OnePlus announced that its new smartphone is receiving a notch on the screen. That notch has dimensions of 19,616×7,687mm. The recess in the screen is similar to that of the [OppoR15] aircraft, which are manufactured by Oppo, the parent company of OnePlus. Presumably, the OnePlus 6 gets a 6.2 “screen, although the manufacturer has not yet officially confirmed it.