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Apple tests touch-free control and curved screens for iPhones

Apple isexperimenting a lot with new technologies, according to Bloomberg . We have already heard enough about those curved screens: other manufacturers as Samsung are already working on it and that technology is coming soon. What exactly the added value is going to be has yet to become apparent, but it is possible in any case.

However, Apple has a different idea about what they want to do with it than for example Samsung. The latter uses the flexible screens to round and use the edges, but Apple wants a screen that gradually bends inwards from top to bottom. That description does not help to introduce you, but it is also unclear what Apple intends to do with it.

Do not touch, drive anyway

More interesting is the touchless interface that Apple experiments with. That technique is still in its infancy, so the sources say, and it will certainly take another two years before we see anything of it. The idea is that you can control aspects of iOS without having to touch the phone: making close to a movement would be enough.
Again, they are not the first: Samsung had Air Gestures a few years ago (at the S4 already) and Google and Microsoft have already been working with similar technology. Apple’s performance is different: you have to sit a bit closer to the screen to register the movements, but the system does not depend on cameras. The screen itself could somehow perceive the movement.
That could potentially work better than what we have seen so far of the technology. Apple has more often managed to come to the table as last and yet to popularize a technology. Whether that will work with this? We know that in about three years.

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