Oculus Announces Hand Tracking Tech for Quest Headset

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Oculus has announced a technique to track users’ hands for use in VR applications. Users can use gestures to control elements and do not need controllers.

The technique uses the four monochrome cameras to predict the position of the hands through a neural network on the device, Facebook claims. It does not use techniques to estimate depth, but recognizes the shape of hands in the image.

The technology will be available to consumers in a trial version early next year. Then it also appears in the sdk so developers can use it in apps and games. Oculus claims that the advantage is that they are not controllers that you have to hold or charge. This would allow a more natural interaction with elements in vr.

Besides hand tracking, Oculus announced more things during its own developer conference OC6. For example, Oculus Quest users with a gaming PC can download and play Rift titles via Oculus Link.

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