no Model 3 in Europe for 2019

Not that anyone will really look up, but Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter to a waiting customer that in Europe we do not have to expect Tesla Model 3 delivery for next year. The question was, in fact, how the production of the Model 3’s with the steering wheel went to the right, but Musk replied that these will only come into the picture at the end of next year and that for Europe and Asia it is only necessary to count on the Model in early 2019. 3 with the handlebars on the left side.

The problems keep coming

The company’s affordable electric car was launched with a lot of fanfare, but in the end it quickly became clear that the promised production of Tesla did not start due to all kinds of problems with the production line. . Recently, complete production was halted to bring order to the factory. The predetermined production numbers of 5000 Model 3’s per month are still not quite reached and Tesla is slowly getting into trouble.

If a lot of cars are not produced and sold quickly, the company gets a cash flow problem and Musk himself also admits that the cheapest variants of the Model 3 will be delivered as the very last, because not enough is earned for that cheap models to keep the tent running. Musk is meanwhile angry about how the press treats him and had the idea to create a website that all journalists and news sites could start to assess for truth. Perhaps he would be better involved in getting the production in order, for it would be a waste – apart from the man and his sometimes nonsensical ideas – if Tesla had to cease.