No Man’s Sky may be out for Xbox One on June 29th

The Xbox One version of the game No Man’s Sky may be available on June 29. This date is mentioned on Amazon’s Italian website. This is probably not a placeholder, partly because the developer previously announced that the version will be released in the summer.

The German version of Amazon, unlike the Italian one, lists a release date of December 31, which is usually a placeholder date. The Italian site states that the game will cost 50 euros and will be released on June 29.

Summer officially kicks off on June 21, so with a June 29 release date, developer Hello Games is sticking to the earlier announcement that No Man’s Sky will be released this summer for Xbox One owners. The Xbox One version of the game, in which players have to explore a universe in an open world, will receive support for both HDR and 4K resolution.

In addition, at the time of the release date of the Xbox One version, the developer will release a major update for the game. This update will probably also be available on June 29, although no details are known about it yet. According to Hello Games founder Sean Murray, this is the largest update to date, which, like previous updates, will be available to everyone for free.