Nintendo puts Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop back online

The Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop are back online. Nintendo took both download stores offline for maintenance in March, but they are now available again. The stores only allow re-downloading of already purchased items. Making new purchases remains impossible.

Wii Shop Channel

Both stores are open again, reports NintendoEverything. The downtime for maintenance thus lasted approximately 3.5 months. The stores went offline for maintenance in mid-March. It was no longer possible to purchase new products, but it was still possible to download games and apps already purchased to the Wii and DSi.

Buying new items is already no longer possible for the DSi since 2017 and for the Wii since 2019. Last February announced Nintendo also announced that digital stores for the Wii-U and Nintendo 3DS will close by the end of March 2023; from then on it will no longer be possible to purchase content for those platforms.

Nintendo has said it will take the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop offline at some point, but has not said when that will be. The Wii Shop Channel has been around since 2006, the DSi Shop has been online since 2008.