Nintendo Lab: Zen and the art of cardboard folding

Nintendo Labo is one of those games that almost could only come from Nintendo. Who else devises a game for their console that mainly consists of cardboard folding and physical playing with the same cardboard? Honest is fair, no one else has a console that could do what Nintendo does with Lab. The Switch is not only popular it is also a console that can be broken into pieces and because the small Joy-Con controllers have a very advanced way of vibrating and other technical tricks you can have fun there come up with things.

And very nice, that’s Nintendo Labo. Most people (including me) assumed that it would be especially interesting for smaller children and that you would not get as much out of it as an adult. After completing a whole box of cardboard (the Variety Kit to be exact) I have built, played and learned – and that without even one child in the neighborhood.

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