Nikon will release Nikkor Z 40mm f/2 lens at the end of September for 279 euros

Nikon is releasing a 40mm f/2 lens for its Z-series mirrorless system cameras. The Nikkor Z 40 mm f/2 has a relatively compact design and is suitable for full-frame cameras. The lens will be released on September 30.

According to Nikon, the Nikkor Z 40mm f/2 lens has quiet autofocus and can focus from 29 centimeters, measured from the sensor surface. The aperture has nine blades and is adjustable from f/2 to f/16. The optical design consists of six elements in four groups and Nikon uses two aspherical elements.

The filter size is 52mm and the lens has dimensions of 70×45.5mm. The Nikkor Z 40 mm f/2 is suitable for cameras with the Nikon Z lens mount, both for the FX versions with a full-frame sensor and the DX versions with an APS-C sensor. With a suggested retail price of 279 euros, the 40 mm f/2 is the cheapest Nikkor Z lens to date.