Sony releases PS5 update for SSD expansion and 3D Audio on TVs on Wednesday

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Sony will release a major software update for the PlayStation 5 on Wednesday. After the update, users can expand the internal storage with an M.2 SSD. 3D Audio will also be made available for TV speakers.

With the release of the M.2 slot for SSD expansion, PlayStation 5 owners will be able to increase the internal storage of the console from Wednesday. PlayStation 5 games can only be played from the internal storage. It was already possible to play PlayStation 4 games from an external SSD.

Sony provides recommendations on which SSDs to use and has put instructions online. To expand the internal storage, a fast PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD is required. Sony recommends a speed of 5500MB/s or higher. The recommendations are unchanged from the end of July, when Sony made expanding SSD storage in the PS5 possible for beta users.

Suitable SSDs

There are various SSDs that meet the requirements set by Sony on paper. The Pricewatch includes models from Samsung, WD, MSI, XPG, Gigabyte, PNY, Corsair and Seagate that achieve both read and write speeds of over 5GB/s. However, the dimensions of the heatsink or the availability of a suitable heatsink if not included should also be considered.

Some manufacturers explicitly state whether their SSD is suitable for use in the PlayStation 5. Western Digital started with the introduction of its WD Black SN850 SSD and Seagate has tested its FireCuda 530 models in the PlayStation 5. More SSDs are likely to jump. manufacturers in the near future.

3D Audio through TV speakers

The PlayStation September Update also includes other innovations. This makes it possible to use 3D Audio in combination with the speakers of TVs. Users can set this up and configure it through the Sound menu on the PlayStation. Using the microphone in the DualSense controller, a measurement can be taken to adapt the settings to the room in which the console is located.

Furthermore, various improvements have been made to the interface. For example, PlayStation owners can now customize the Control Center by changing the order of options and hiding certain options. From now on it is also clear whether a game is a PS4 or PS5 version. If users have both versions installed, they will be displayed side by side.

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