Nike develops self-tie sports shoe that is controlled by an app

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Nike has introduced a new self-tie sports shoe that automatically adapts to the shape of your foot. The difference with the previous generation of smart footwear is that, in addition to a physical button, you can now also tighten the closure via a smartphone app.

The self-tie sneaker first appeared in the 1989 film Back to the Future II, but only became a reality in 2016 with the Nike HyperAdapt. The new model is called the Nike Adapt BB and with a price tag of $350 is about half the price of its predecessor, BBC News reports. A new feature is that the wearer can now also operate the closure via his smartphone and that the app remembers personal preferences.

The Nike Adapt BB is primarily aimed at basketball players. “During a basketball game, the athlete’s foot can expand by half a size, so it is important that he can quickly adjust the fit of the shoe: looser to improve blood flow, and tighter for better performance,” explains Eric Avar, creative director of innovation at the sports brand.

When the wearer puts on the Nike Adapt BB, a motor automatically tightens the shoe. New features can be added in the future via firmware updates, such as a special warm-up mode. Nike also wants to introduce the FitAdapt technology used in shoes for other sports and activities. The Nike Adapt BB will be released in February.

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