New music feature on Facebook: Lyp Sync Live

Last month, Facebook announced a dating service . And there is more to it, because Facebook is now also planning to let people enjoy music more. There are various features, so people can express themselves on Facebook with music.

Lip Sync Live

Facebook will soon have a new music experience richer. Say hello to Lip Sync Live. You can then provide your Facebook posts with swinging numbers. And by that we do not just mean a music in the background of your video. With Lip Sync Live you can record a video in which your lips synchronize with the song you put under the video. So you can tell your friends and family that it is certainly not bad with your singing skills. It does not matter what music you like. There is something for everyone. From modern songs to old classics, the choice is yours.

With Lip Sync Live you can record a live video. If you have chosen a song, you can then also release with all kinds of backgrounds or masks. Friends can then enjoy your performance live.

More music on Facebook

In addition to Lip Sync Live, Facebook also has other music plans. They work together with the music industry to give users the best music experiences on Facebook. For example, there are also plans to make music available in Facebook Stories.

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