new HP Mindframe headset cools your ears

HP knows the pain of people who wear an over-the-ear headset for a long time: at some point your ears become warm and that is highly annoying. Not everyone suffers from it, but in the end such a headset simply becomes uncomfortable. This is especially a problem when you are gaming, but even if you (forced) wear a headset while working, you will be bothered by it.

During the Gaming Festival in Beijing, HP has therefore shown a new solution to this problem: the Mindframe headset. There were already chilled headphones, but they used fans or cooling gels. The Mindframe, however, uses a patented thermoelectric technique, says HP.


What does that mean? In short, a small device in the headset ensures that the heat that develops in the ear is guided to the outside. The effect is apparently as if you have a soft mini-airco against your ears. If so, the Mind frames should be comfortable for a long time even in warm weather. It is not clear whether you can also make the effect stronger and weaker, because that would be ideal.

Of course the headset is also fully equipped. There is a lightweight bracket that optimally distributes the weight of the headset, there is a noise canceling microphone attached to it and the headset supports 7.1 virtual surround sound. The design is also unfortunately a bit in the style ‘gaming’ so that will not appeal to everyone and because of course also some power is used for cooling is a wireless version is not.

HP does not know what the thing is going to cost, so just assume it will not be cheap. But if you often have to do marathon sessions with headphones, it will definitely be worth it. The Mindframe is available from the second half of this year.