This is how you make successful digital publications

Consumers today demand content that is digital, nice to read away and moreover always accessible everywhere. Paper, PDFs and static websites no longer meet the wishes of the modern consumer. There is a clear need for a different kind of medium. A digital medium that not only presents content in a narrative, but also visually appeals and is clearly legible on every device. Interactive digital publications are the solution for this. In an earlier article we talked about this with Daan Reijnders, CEO and co-founder of Instant Magazine (one of the best tools to create digital publications).

The advantages of interactive digital publications

A digital publication has many advantages over alternatives such as PDF, a website or a print expression. We will list them for you.

  • Responsive : digital publications are fully responsive, which means that the content automatically adjusts according to the size of the screen with which it is viewed. This means that the content is always perfectly readable for everyone.
  • Perfect linear reader experience : a digital publication combines the technique of a website and offers the clarity and attractiveness of a magazine, with a perfect reader experience on every device.
  • Rich in image : digital publications have much more space for images, so you can easily add more context to your content. Text supports image, instead of the other way around.

In addition to these advantages for the reader, there are also several advantages for organizations that create publications with Instant Magazine:

  • Easy to use : thanks to the user-friendly Drag & Drop editor and the wide variety of templates, you can quickly and easily create a publication without technical or design skills.
  • Co-creation : collaborate with others on your publications. You can also update the content at any time.
  • Insight into reader behavior : you can analyze the reader’s behavior, so that you see how well your publication is read and apply the insights to future publications.

Read the whitepaper

Do you want to know how you can use interactive digital publications within your communication strategy? Then this white paper by Instant Magazine is a must read. In addition to the main advantages of a digital publication, you will also find a complete step-by-step plan to get started immediately. The whitepaper is of course made up as an online magazine. You immediately experience the experience of a digital publication.

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