Amazon’s Jeff Bezos wants to build a colony on the moon

The Space Race is getting crazier. While Elon Musk’s SpaceX is busy preparing the mission to Mars Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a different plan. With his space company Blue Origin, he wants to speed up the plan to colonize the moon. He has a pragmatic reason for this: the moon is very suitable for heavy industry, and although we are not yet far enough to move it there, it will not happen if nobody starts with a colony.

Moon Village

The moon is close, has enough sunlight and at the poles more than enough water (in ice form) to work with. Ideal for industry. But then you have to come first of course. Blue Origin will therefore first start with a lunar lander that they will make in cooperation with NASA . But even if NASA pulls out halfway or finds another party that can make the lunar land, Blue Origin continues development.

They want (or yes, Bezos wants) to be one of the first inhabitants of the village. That month village (or Moon Village ) is a concept that is known among organizations that are busy with the moon. In short, it means that if you build a colony on the moon, you will even sit together as separate organizations. If something goes wrong, other people can at least help you.

You need a long breath to get that far, because there is so much more needed than a lunar moon, missiles, people you put in it is the material they can take with them. If you want to stay on the moon for a longer period of time you will have to be completely self-sufficient and although it was apparently not difficult for Matt Damon on Mars, that has a lot of feet in the earth. Bezos, however, intends to do everything that is necessary to realize that moon base with Blue Origin. The finances are not the problem, so the chances are pretty big that that base will come.

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