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New features Help LinkedIn find your dream job

The summer holiday is there for most of us. Even after the ‘real summer vacation’, there is often still a period during which everyone goes on holiday that does not have to go into school. Anyway, some feel like going back to work, some are not really jumping, and others have just gathered the courage to really make the next career move.

For all career pioneers and jobseekers, LinkedIn introduces a number of new functions in LinkedIn Jobs that will make finding that one dream job even easier. In addition, we also share a number of new tricks that help you in LinkedIn .

1. Job vacancies for distance jobs

Flexible working hours and a healthy work / life balance are important for more and more professionals. And this also means that remote work must be possible. Due to the growing interest LinkedIn introduces a special search filter for remote jobs. If you are looking for a job via LinkedIn, it is possible to opt for ‘remote jobs’ as a location. You will then only see vacancies for jobs for which physical presence in the office is not a requirement.

2. New search experience

If you recently used LinkedIn to find a job, you may have noticed that it looks slightly different. You no longer have to have multiple tabs open. With the new LinkedIn Jobs search function you can scroll through vacancy details and save interesting vacancies in which you are interested. You will also see all the important information, such as company size, how popular the vacancy is, and who in your network may be able to help introduce you to the relevant company. That info is directly at the top of the page, so that you can see at a glance whether it is something for you.

3. View work experience

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is viewed on average 29 times more if you have listed more than one position in your work experience? LinkedIn has therefore added a new function that automatically groups sequential functions and roles that you have filled at a company under a section. Very useful for ad-interimmers for example. If you have held more than one position at the same company within a month of each other, and they link to the same company page, they are automatically bundled. A child can do the laundry.

4. Voice messages

You can now also send voice messages to your connections. Not on your timeline, but as a direct message. Simply tap the microphone icon in the mobile message keypad and then tap the microphone to record your voice messages. When you release, the message is sent. Very useful also when you are on the road.

5. Networking with a QR code

Gone are the days when you exchange business cards. You can now easily connect with an interesting (business) relationship and keep in touch by scanning someone’s QR code via LinkedIn. Very handy for those flyby moments at a networking event or industry event. You can see exactly how this works.

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