Request Instagram authentication now for everyone from the app

After Twitter and Facebook it is now possible to submit a request to Instagram to get a verified account. So if you want to have a blue verified check mark on your profile, you can now easily submit a request yourself.

You do that by going to your settings from the app. And there is now the option to “request verification.” After filling in your full name and uploading a valid form of identification, Instagram will quickly come back to you whether or not it has been approved.

About this valid form of identification they write: “ For the assessment of your request we require an official photo ID showing your name and date of birth (for example a driving license, passport or national identity card) or official company documents (tax return, recent energy calculation, article of incorporation.)

To be, or not to be

If you get back in response that you will not be verified, no worries, you are not the only one. For the time being, this verified badge was only reserved for celebrities, large companies or brands and accounts with a whole bunch of followers.

Even before you submit your request, it might be useful to check what is normally the requirements to receive such a badge.