Netflix users can export their viewing history and preferences

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Netflix users can now export their profile’s viewing history and preferences to a new account. The streaming platform started rolling out the feature worldwide on Monday, which was first tested in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica.

Netflix writes in a message that the Profile Transfer function allows the user to export, among other things, his watch list, preferences, recommended movies and series and saved games. Netflix users will receive an email when the feature becomes available in their region. When the user clicks on his profile at the top right of the homepage in the browser, the export option appears under the heading ‘Transfer Profile’.

The data can only be transferred to a new account of which the user is the account holder and not to existing accounts. It is possible to turn Profile Transfer on or off via the Account settings.

With the new feature, Netflix is ​​most likely in favor of stopping account sharing. The streaming service suffers from competing services, but also from the fact that many users share their account with friends or family and then divide the subscription money. The company is also experimenting with various alternative revenue models. For example, Netflix will make cheaper subscriptions available in various countries at the beginning of November, which are supported by advertisements.

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