Neil Young Announces Audiophile Music Player with Triangular Prism Shape

Musician Neil Young has announced his PonoMusic platform with PonoPlayer. This week kicks off the Kickstarter collection and takes pre-orders for the player that would offer better audio quality than regular music players.

The PonoPlayer with striking triangular prism shape contains 128GB of storage capacity and will cost $399. The player is available in multiple colors, has three simple control buttons and is equipped with an LCD touchscreen. At the top are two audio interfaces and at the bottom is a USB port and there is also support for memory cards. During the development, PonoMusic collaborated with the American audio technology manufacturer Ayre and the player would include the ESS ES9018 dac. Pre-orders will be accepted from March 15.

The player will be combined with a desktop application and online store that will offer music in ‘high resolution’. However, little is known about the format. Neil Young has been critical of the quality of the MP3 format for years and has been working on his own standard since 2012 to provide better quality.

Initially, the press release published on Computer Audiophile spoke of 1000 to 2000 albums that would fit on 128GB, later this has been adjusted to 100 to 500. The latter number would be more in line with the claim that the Pono format would hold 24bit audio at 192kHz. would offer. The PonoMusic platform should not adopt drm and more details should follow later this week.