Google releases SDk for Android wearables

Google will release an Android-based SDK within two weeks, which developers can use for software for wearable electronics. The software development kit regulates, among other things, how multiple sensors can work together.

The arrival of the SDK was announced by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, according to Re/Code, during the SXSW event being held in Austin, the capital of Texas.

His statements show that Google focuses on wearables in the broadest sense of the word, and not just on smart watches or bracelets. The SDK includes communication with sensors, wherever they are located around the body. “It’s up to partners and developers to figure out how to use it. It could be a jacket,” Pichai said.

The CEO also discussed the use of Android in the car. He does not consider it desirable that cars are standard equipped with a specific operating system, whereby the driver’s smartphone must run the same OS. He would rather see a system like Google’s Chromecast for cars appear. A similar interface could then control the connection between the smartphone and the screen in the car. Google has sold ‘millions’ of Chromecast dongles in the US, according to Pichai. He did not mention specific numbers. Google is expected to roll out the cheap dongle internationally in the short term.