Mozilla starts public test for Windows 8 version of Firefox

Mozilla is releasing the public beta for the Modern UI variant of Firefox two years after the browser’s announcement. The browser has been given the name Firefox for Windows 8 Touch and includes a special start screen as its main feature.

In February 2012, the Windows 8 version of Firefox was announced, but the release has been delayed several times. The browser was long worked under the name Firefox Metro, but Mozilla has now renamed the software Firefox for Windows 8 Touch. The browser includes a new look that connects to the Modern UI interface of Windows 8, formerly the Metro interface. However, the application also works in the classic desktop mode of the new operating system.

The main new feature is the home screen, which shows frequently visited sites, browsing history and bookmarks, among other things. In addition, touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and swiping are possible. Windows 8’s Snap functionality is also supported, for viewing alongside another app.

The browser can be downloaded as beta. The final release should take place on March 18.