Motorola reveals the arrival of G7 smartphones via its website

Motorola has indirectly indicated that it will soon come with the G7 series of smartphones. The devices appeared on the Brazilian version of the Motorola website, and seem to confirm previously leaked information.

The Spanish version of Cnet discovered that the devices had appeared on the Brazilian Motorola website. However, the pages have since disappeared, as Cnet asked Motorola for comment, after which a spokesperson thanked the news site for the information and then the pages went offline. This suggests that Motorola has put the data online by mistake, although it is also known that manufacturers sometimes deliberately put such information online to generate interest. The spokesperson for Motorola did not want to say anything about the availability of the G7 smartphones.

In addition to the Motorola G7, there are a number of variants of the smartphone, including the Power, Play and Plus. The Play will be the cheapest version of this, with 2GB ram and 32GB storage, and a 5.7″ screen. The other variants all have a screen of about 6.2″, with the Power having a 5000mAh battery, and the Plus the most high-end is with a Snapdragon 636-soc.

The data of the four new devices leaked earlier, just like a number of photos. The data that Cnet collected from the Motorola website confirms the leaked specifications. The prices and launch date are still missing.