Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild animated movie will be released on Netflix in August

An animated film based on Capcom’s Monster Hunter game franchise will be released on Netflix next month. Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild will be released on August 12 on that streaming platform.

Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild has an original story, although main character Aiden is already known from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter: World. This Ace Cadet goes on a journey to stop an elder dragon that is on its way to his village and threatens to destroy everything. He is assisted by fellow hunter Julius, aka Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and several other characters.

The animated film is directed by Steven F. Yamamoto, who is taking up the directorial role for the first time and previously worked on visual effects for Transformers, World War Z and the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The upcoming Monster Hunter movie is 58 minutes, according to the listing on Netflix.

This isn’t the first Monster Hunter movie. Last year, a live-action film based on Capcom’s well-known game franchise was released. That film received a mostly negative reception, with a 45% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a 5.3 on IMDb, and a 47 on Metacritic. At the same time, the reactions to the trailer for these new animated films are still more positive.

Netflix has long been committed to films and series based on popular game franchises. A Dota 2 anime series appeared on the service earlier this year, and fans can expect a League of Legends animated series later this year. Series based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Cyberpunk 2077 are planned for next year, and Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider series are also in the works. Netflix also seems to be considering offering games on its streaming service, according to rumors.