‘Modified model Sony PlayStation 5 with new screw appears in Australia’

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It seems that a modified model of the Sony PlayStation 5 has appeared in Australia. The console has a new model number and a new screw for the housing that can be tightened by hand.

A new, 300 gram lighter version of the variant without a disk drive has already appeared, but now there is also a new version of the PS5 with a disk drive, Press Start reports. According to the site, it has at least the new screw in the housing to fasten the pedestal. This no longer requires a screwdriver. It is not clear whether the console is also lighter.

The new console has the model number CFI-1102A, as opposed to CFI-1000 of the original. It is common for companies to release modified versions of their consoles, even without an official announcement. This happens, for example, if there are minor changes to the materials or components used.

Sony hasn’t said anything about the modified version yet. It is also unknown whether the CFI-1102A has already appeared in stores outside Australia. The console was released last year and has been poorly available since then due to ongoing global chip shortages.

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