Microsoft releases Windows Server 2022

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Microsoft has released Windows Server 2022. The new version includes https and TLS 1.3 by default and replaces the outdated Internet Explorer in the software for the new version of Edge based on Chromium.

Microsoft has put an extensive changelog online. The improvements focus on three areas, namely security, the application platform, and management through and integration with Azure. In terms of security, TPM 2.0 has become standard compared to the previous version, in addition to TLS 1.3. The Azure version of Server 2022 includes the Hotpatch feature to push updates to VMs without requiring a reboot afterwards.

In terms of application platform, containers have become much smaller, to about 40 percent. As a result, they have to start faster and perform better. There’s also support for SMB compression, eliminating the need for users to zip files first to send them over low-bandwidth networks.

Windows Server 2022 will have ten years of support, including five years of regular support and five years of extended support. There will be three versions, namely Standard, Datacenter and Datacenter: Azure Edition.

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