Microsoft: Windows 10 runs on 800 million devices

Windows 10 now runs on 800 million devices, Microsoft has announced. That means 100 million new Windows 10 installations have been added since September last year.

The milestone will be announced via Twitter reported by Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft’s Modern Life & Devices Group. He refers to the Microsoft by the Numbers page with Microsoft statistics, where the 800 million Windows 10 installations are listed.

In September 2018, Microsoft had 700 million Windows 10 devices. In November 2017, that number was 600 million. According to Thurrot, Terry Myerson, then responsible for Windows and devices at Microsoft, still counted virtual machines with the OS in 2017, so the actual number was probably lower.

The same Myerson set the goal of 1 billion installations in 2015, which had to be achieved by 2018. When it turned out in 2016 that this target would not be achieved, Microsoft dropped the target.