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Microsoft will add depth effect with shadows to Windows windows

Microsoft has given a glimpse of the adaptations of the display of Windows 10 that it is working on. Among other things, windows get depth, with shadows that adapt to light elements on the screen.
Microsoft says it will use the z-axis and shadows for windows of applications. The change is part of Fluent Design, the set of design rules and standards that give Windows 10 a consistent modern look. Microsoft not only applies it itself, but also encourages developers to stick to the “design manual.”
Microsoft applies Fluent Design step-by-step, starting with the Creators Update last year. Among other things, the company already uses light effects for the position of the mouse and semi-transparent window parts. At least in the autumn of this year and the spring and fall of next year, Windows updates will come with Fluent Design modifications.
The shadows of windows as they come to Windows this year, respond to light for a realistic depth effect. This may include, for example, the light that follows the mouse pointer, an effect that Microsoft calls Reveal. Due to shadows, according to the company, a hierarchy arises in layers of windows, as a result of which, among other things, newly opened menu windows appear to have been placed on already opened menus. For the future, Microsoft wants to go much further with depth effects and the company strives to provide an unambiguous representation, whether it is on a PC monitor or in VR space.
Microsoft is also going to use a simpler color scheme that developers can apply with their own palette for their apps. Furthermore, the company now advises developers to place the ‘back’ button at the top left of apps and there is a mode for a compact display, where text and buttons are closer together.
Microsoft presented the progress with Fluent Design during the presentation ‘ Evolving our Design System ‘ at the Build Developer Conference that the company is holding this week.
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