Microsoft has sold 29.4 million Xbox One consoles according to EA

EA’s numbers do not quite match or they count differently. This is what sales insider zhuge had to tell at reset era about it.“It’s weird because EA said the installed base at the end of calendar 2016 was 79 million .. Now that we have the installed base is 103 million at the end of 2017.
So if we look at the numbers Sony provided.
PS4 was at 53.4m at the end of 2016. That would put Xbox One around ~ 25.6m.
PS4 was 73.6m at the end of 2017. That would put Xbox One around ~ 29.4m
So EA is estimating that Xbox One sold around 3.8m units in 2017. But the numbers are not more than that in the US.
So the numbers do not add up. OneX?
As I stated in prior threads, the Xbox One installed base is about 35 million globally. … s4-xbox-one- sales-reach-105-million-end-2017 / “
” I’m not sure what the reason is for the discrepancy with EA’s estimates.
It could be excludes Pro / One X numbers .
It could be that E This is a territory like Japan.
It could be that EA estimates PS4 at a lower number. (Which would be given for Sony release the official numbers)
It could be that installed base = / = sell through in EA’s eyes. So replacement consoles would not count and use people consoles would count?
EA’s estimate are not wrong. I’m just fairly certain of the above things is true.
Ultimately what we do know is PS4 sell through was 73.6m at the end of 2017. Xbox One is less than half that total which shows the big gap between the two in terms of sales. But that’s something that has been known for a long time. “…or-ps4-xb1-read-op.41231/