Microsoft to start selling products in its own physical stores again

Microsoft will resume selling products at its own physical locations. Products will soon be available for sale in the Experience Centers of the tech giant. These are the locations in London, New York and Sydney.

In a statement to The Verge, Microsoft says that from July 1, “a select number of products” will be for sale again in the Experience Centers in the three major cities. It is unknown if Microsoft plans to expand this to other physical locations of its own.

It will initially be about Surface devices and Microsoft 365 packages. The Xbox Series X/S is reportedly unavailable in these locations for the time being due to chip shortages.

In June last year, Microsoft announced that it would stop selling products in its own stores altogether. Most physical locations were subsequently closed. Only some of the Experience Centers remained open for product demonstrations. The Microsoft stores were mainly located in the United States.

Microsoft never gave a reason for closing the stores. The company has not disclosed whether more Microsoft stores will open again now that the Experience Centers start selling products again.