Microsoft shows privacy menu when installing Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft has revealed the update and privacy settings presented to users when they install Windows 10’s Creators Update. By now, more than 400 million systems are said to be running Windows 10 in 192 countries.

Users can specify in more detail when Windows 10 should get the update than before. They can indicate a day and time and adjust the planning afterwards. A ‘snooze’ option gives you the option of not being disturbed for three days. As soon as the Creators Update is ready for download, Windows 10 users will see this through a large notification screen. They can then choose to be reminded again later. The installation can be continued again via the Action Center.

Once they start the installation, they are first presented with a privacy screen with settings. There they can specify whether Microsoft can use the location, diagnostic data and voice files, and whether apps can show personalized advertising. Microsoft will release the Creators Update in April. The company claims to respond to user feedback with the procedures. Microsoft received a lot of criticism for the intrusive update notifications when Windows 10 was released, while investigations into the privacy risks of Windows 10 are ongoing in the EU.

According to Microsoft are There are now 400 million systems worldwide with Windows 10.