EU court: import duties on Chinese solar panels were allowed

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On valid grounds, the European Union introduced import duties on Chinese solar panels in 2013. The General Court of the European Union came to this conclusion. The EU wanted the levies to prevent the dumping of solar panels on the European market

Twenty-six companies that claimed to have suffered damage brought proceedings before the General Court against the measures. All claims were brushed aside by the second highest European court. The agency considers, among other things, that the charges were not excessive given the purpose.

Import duties rose to an average of 47.6 percent in 2013. The European Commission arrived at the rates after investigating the supply of the panels below cost by Chinese companies, which would push European companies off the market.

The tariffs were also a means of pressure to get the Chinese back to the negotiating table and the European Commission’s position has since softened. The term for the charges has recently been extended by 18 months, Reuters wrote, but there is talk of phasing out.

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